Travel Tip – Expedia’s Price Match Promise is the Real Deal

When it comes to paying for any extras or upsells, I am the queen of don’t do it. However, when I booked my daughter’s air travel home from college this year, I booked through Expedia (my go-to) and for some reason, when prompted to pay an extra $10 for Price Match Promise, I just felt it was a good idea.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post in any way – I just felt the need to share this tip with you because it works!

Expedia’s Price Match Promise basically watches the flight prices of the flight you purchased and if the price of the flight goes down between when you purchase the flight and when the flight occurs, you get a refund. For real.

Expedia Price Match

This is a screen shot of my Expedia statement from the flight I booked. The trip was completed over the weekend and the price of the flight dropped twice from the time I purchased it until my daughter traveled home. An investment of $10 at the time of booking resulted in me getting an automatic refund of $106.01. I call that a win!!

Obviously not every flight purchase will result in a refund, however, if you are booking well in advance, I highly recommend adding the Price Match Promise feature.

Do you have any other money saving travel tips? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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